A series of pamphlets published in the Showa period by the Board of Tourist Industry of the Japanese Government Railways, to explain important aspects of Japanese culture and national life to visitors from overseas.

1. Tea Cult of Japan
2. Japanese Noh Plays
3. Sakura (Japanese Cherry)
4. Japanese Gardens
5. Hirosige and Japanese Landscapes
6. Japanese Drama
7. Japanese Architecture
8. What is Sinto?
9. Castles in Japan
10. Hot Springs in Japan
11. Floral Art of Japan
12. Children’s Days in Japan
13. Kimono (Japanese Dress)
14. Japanese Food
15. Japanese Music
16. Zyudo (Zyuzyutu)
17. Family Life in Japan
18. Scenery of Japan
19. Japanese Education
20. Floral Calendar of Japan
21. Japanese Buddhism
22. Odori (Japanese Dance)
23. Kabuki Drama
24. Japanese Wood-block Prints
25. History of Japan
26. Japanese Folk-toys
27. Japanese Game of “Go”
28. Japanese Coiffure
29. Japanese Sculpture
30. Japanese Postage Stamps
31. Japan’s Ancient Armour
32. Angling in Japan
33. Japanese Proverbs
34. Sumo–Japanese Wrestling
35. Japanese Birds
36. Ainu Life and Legends
37. Japanese Family Crests
38. Japanese Industrial Arts
39. Hand-made Paper of Japan
40. Japanese National Character

Post War Editions (JTB)
8. Ceramic Art of Japan
9. Japanese Fine Arts
13. Bonsai— Miniature Potted Trees
14. Netsuke— A Miniature Art of Japan
17. Japanese Dolls
18. Japanese Etiquette
23. Japanese Decorative Design
25. Japanese Lacquer Ware


4 Responses to “Tourist Library”

  1. Apparently you used these books from the University of Hawaii at Manoa Library, created pdf files and posted widely on this site. For your reminder, these books are still under the copyright not in public domain. Please only use them for your private research purpose.

    1. tenmen Says:

      Actually, these books aren’t hosted on this blog, only I linked to them here because they are out of print. The series was published to spread Japanese culture to the English speaking world, so I hope linking to them is not contrary to the desire of the publisher.

  2. Cassio Yeshe Says:

    Very useful. I’m really grateful for this free library.

  3. OK. The originals are held at the University of Hawaii at Manoa Library. This is a good series.

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