Solitary Contemplation (Dokuza Kannen)
When the host and guest feel the lingering emotions (yojou zanshin) together as one and the parting goodbyes are finished, the guests go out through the garden without speaking loudly. When they depart, quietly looking back, now even more the host watches them until they can be seen no more. Then hurriedly closing the middle gate, saru door, and other shoji doors is exceedingly unpleasent. Lest the whole day’s feast become nothing, certainly without looking at the guests’ path back, one shouldn’t hurry to clean up. Most suredly return to the tearoom with a quiet heart. At this time, the host enters up through the nijiri(guchi) and sitting alone in front of the hearth, wonders if only they might have chatted for a while longer, how far should they have already gone back? The day’s singular meeting (ichigo ichie) is over, and there is a lingering feeling that it cannot return again. Then perhaps making a single bowl of tea, this custom is the essence of this single meeting (ichie). In this moment’s desolation, with only the kettle’s mouth to engage in talk, there is nothing else. This point is difficult to reach if one doesn’t have true self-realization.