How to Finish the Cut Ends of a Cord

If the cord is too long after wrapping the box, try temporarily tieing it into the proper knot; and after determining the proper length, cut it. Then, prevent the ends of silk or cotton cords from fraying.

  • First, pull tight the nukiito (sideways threads).
  • Unravel the tateito (vertical threads) to a suitable length and divide the nukiito into two.
  • With one thread, make a loop and put it over tateito.
  • After wrapping the other thread tightly around twice, tie both nukiito together.
  • Cut them at the base.


  • まず緯糸(よこいと)を引っ張り、―
  • 経糸(たていと)を適当な長さにほぐりて、緯糸を二つに分け、―
  • 一方の糸で輪をつくって経糸に掛け、―
  • 他方は二回巻き付けてから両方の緯糸を結わえ、―
  • 根元を切ります。