Note: A less literal (and official?) translation of this can be found at the bottom of this SweetPersimmon post.


We study the true form of the Way of Tea, reproduce this to put it into practise, and reflect unceasingly on our own hearts. Considering the bowl in our hands, we offer gratitude for the great kindness and affection. Knowing we are being kept alive due to all people together, let us make a great effort to communicate to everyone the Way of Tea’s virtues.
*Let us not despise other people, but always let consideration (of them) stand before (ourselves).
*Because we are one body together with the iemoto as our parent and our fellow students as our brothers, let us not forget the heart that prays for everyone met.
*Even while we are cultivating and furthermore encouraging the Way, let us not forget our original intention.
*With an abundant heart in fellowship with people, let us live brightly in this mortal world.