Matsu: “Ah, is that so. Thank you kindly.”
Having heard this, Omatsu was overjoyed. Today she finished up her business, and taking the money, she returned to her home. The place she called home was really just a hovel, walls surrounding a straw mat. She was living alone at the age of 13, and already by that age, she knew there were audacious people whose hearts resembled an ogre’s. Thinking of this, she took her money. While her body was that of a child, she made all her own clothes. Only two days later, she prepared to leave, closing up the house, although there was no thief to enter, and even if there were, there was nothing to steal. Since she didn’t know exactly where she was doing, just like that she went to Shimousa, asking here and there. She crossed plains and she crossed valleys, slowing passing though and asking about the Thousand Vales of Inba Village. Upon coming to Gozaemon’s house, it indeed was a large thatched house with three storehouses built next to it.



The Ghost Story of Adachigahara 26

So while she was going and copying her mother, this time she didn’t see Gozaemon who had stayed.
Matsu, “Everyone, I have a small enquiry.”
Person, “What is it?”
Matsu, “Hasn’t that Gozaemon from Shimousa, the horse owner, come this season?”
Person, “Oh, Gozaemon stopped being a horse owner this season. Now he is living a comfortable retirement. His son has taken over after, dealing only a little with horses. Rather because he has an abundent harvest of rice, he can’t come to the horse market.
Matsu, “Ah, is that so. Do you know what might that village be called?”
Person, “I know it. If you ask and go to the place a little a part from Winbanuma in the Thousand Vallies of Winbanuma, you will know it right away.
Matsu, “I see. Thank you very much. Ah, what might be the name of that son?”
Person, “Mm, what did they say that son’s name was…. Oh, yes, it was Kyuubee or Kyuutarou or something like that.”


The Ghost Story of Adachigahara (p.25)

Now it was only her. When her mother was raising her she walked to the horse market to sell things, and since she still thought like a child, Omatsu happily copied her mother at the horse market as usual even if the sushi probably wasn’t even delicious. So she went to make and sell this and since it wasn’t more than 13 or 14 years, the people who came previously when her mother did business knew her, so reciprocally bought from her.
First person: “Where does that girl come from to sell?”
Second person: “What? oh, where? She is the daughter of a woman who lived around here, but when she was young, the child and her mother together would yet come to sell, but that mother went and died, so now she is running the business alone. Isn’t it an admirable thing?”
First person: “That is quite pitiful.” They would say and everyone would buy the sushi even if it wasn’t good.


The Ghost Story of Adachigahara (p.24)

Well, so it was that Gozaemon greatly devoted himself to Okiyo. He didn’t return to the village when the horse market ended. At any rate like this, because he really looked after her, they lived in a house in a good situation. Here, since Gozaemon had a wife, in this such one house (hitotsuya) they couldn’t forever play together and he returned to his village. Again, every year there was the horse market and he came a stayed with Okiyo. Now, for three or four years it became that she was looked after by Gozaemon. They were peacefully living and there was no barrier to the time. Now, this story must fly ahead 14 or 15 years. At this time, the daughter Omatsu was 13 years old. Okiyo suddenly became sick and returned to her source. She died from sickness. And now it was that Gozaemon didn’t come. Yet gradually becoming a child of 13, and having her mother taken away: but there was nothing to be done. This person called Omatsu, in the way explained before, became the Witch of Hitotsuya, so she was a person pretty certain of her heart, and so one night she was suddenly considering how she was seperated from her old woman and how the man called her father died before she could even recall his face.


The Ghost Story of Adachigahara (p.23)

Because she had thoroughly sold everything that day in the first spot she went to sell at, she was greatly happy with this horse market. Because it continued for a fairly long time, from this, again she invested this capital. The next day she went and brought and the next day she went and brought so that (her business) flourished. During this, here in Shimousa Province in a place called The Valley of Winba Gohoriman was a man called Gozaemon. This man owned one hundred horses and every year he came to this horse market. This man called Gozaemon, not yet much older than Kiyojo, saw someone that came close to this heart. Each time he came to this sushi selling place, it was different from other people. For the price of one sen he gave her two kan coins, then he gave three kan coins. Because this relationship he gradually inquired about her house and those sorts of things.
Gozaemon: “Well, I am going to be in this area again tomorrow, so it would be nice to impose on you for one night.” At first he said nonsense like that. At last, the man called Gozaemon came and played once and then he came and played a second time, because it was the matter of her being a widow, in however many days this Gozaemon and Kiyojo became a relationship that didn’t seperate.


The Ghost Story of Adachigahara (p.22)

They would come to buy five horses too. Or they might come to buy 14, so it flourished quite a bit. Kiyojo’s idea there was to go to that horse market and if she sold what every kinds of food stuffs or whatever she could probably sell, she thought. So she saw what little she had in the house from a kind of straw mat to the few farming tools, and she sold them all, and made a tiny bit of money. First, she made such things as what is now called aburage, and taking Omatsu’s hand, she went to the market place. At the marketplace, in a loud voice, at the place where they were selling and buying horses, Kiyojo said
Kiyojo: “Please buy one! Please buy musubi!” and because she was a young girl,
People: “Oh! come on over here! How much? Oh, That so inexpensive! Oh, this is really great, delicious sushi!” When Kiyojo came and brought they all said delicious musubi, delicious mochi, and suddenly many people bought them up.


The Ghost Story of Adachigahara (p. 21)

She didn’t even have any more savings. At last, there wasn’t even any rice gruel left and in the end, as one would expect, even stout hearted Kiyojo as at her wit’s end and began to think it would be better if she went and died. But here during this time in the Province of Musashi there was the thing of a horse market. Since people would come from various other provinces especially to buy Oushuu horses, it was called the three spring months of Oushuu. Also, there were called things like the Eight Doors. It was the place that produced the best foals. Also, at Shimousa no Kogane there were people who breed many horses and it was called Mokushi. She had just thought of these horse markets around the area of Senju and Kamon Juku, but for the reason that this was very old information, since she didn’t know the circumstances of the matter, and she didn’t know anything except for this vicinity. Since the horse market was still there and called Sagami or Kadzusa Ryoumou she went and bought from the area near Koudzuke Shimotsuke. This time, she rented all of one house and the Mokushi people went and brought horses. Also, the persons who came to buy these all made suspicious-looking figures. Since coming and returning within one day would never do, they stayed in this area.


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