INOUE Yasushi
The Hiragumo Kettle (1958)
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In the end, Matsunaga Hisahide only became clearly aware of his own machinations to replace The House of Miyoshi with that his own house in Feburary, the third year of Eiroku, when he was appointed to the post of Shohitsu at the Prosecuter’s Office. Hisahide was 51 years old.

That year, he gained the power to order Miyoshi Choukei who he had served for many years. But at this time, a violent battle spanning decades continued morning and night, those of not even thirty-eight years of age newly gained important posts, and wholly healthy men had been snatched away. As a result, Hisahide, whether he liked it or not, replaced Miyoshi Choukei, and had to attended to the political affairs under Heaven. But then suddenly the desire to have his position fixed unshakingly in both name and reality seized Hisahide. This happened in about two or three years.

Hisahide invited Tsuda Soutachi to his tea room who came to expound congratulations on Hisahide having been appointed to the Prosecuter’s office. Hisahide had learned Tea under Takeno Jouou and had taken the Chinese name of Soudai. In the alcove of the tea room was a aubergine chaire displayed sitting on a four cornered tray. The only guest was Soutachi himself. A spouted kettle was set on the gotoku, and a toriawase of a daitenmoku tea bowl, teoke mizusashi, a bentwood kensui, a trivet-shaped lid rest, a shutoku tea scoop, kouchuu tea bowl were arranged.