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As always, you can click on the photo to make it bigger!

The Kouaka Chaki (lit. Red-Armour Tea Container) was favoured by the fifth Urasenke oiemoto, Jousou Soushitsu. It is hard to see from the photo, but it has a thin black lacquered body and a bright crimson lacquered lid. It’s shape is also a bit unusual.

How to Purify a Kouaka Chaki

  1. Clutching the folded fukusa in your right hand, pick up the kouaka chaki from above with you left hand.
  2. Change your grip to hold the chaki with your right thumb on top and your other fingers on the bottom.
  3. Place it on your left palm.
  4. Purify the chaki as if writing the character 「二」, first the far side.
  5. And then the near side. With the fukusa still clutched in your right hand, change your grip in the same way as before and then set the chaki down in the proper place, holding it from above with the left hand.