The War Steed Bride

You have been called as a brave warrior for our august country
I your bride left at home
in memory of you, for your darling black horse
will reap fodder and simmer the silk cocoons

Have you forgotten last year’s Spring
The rocking of that black horse on your first return home
The reins were torn from you and 3 miles
Passed away like a dream

When we saw that horse coming dyed crimson
to the rain shelter packed with gun powder
Everyone cried at the news from the battlefield
And the black horse too, O! that brave steed!


主は召(め)されて  皇国(みくに)の勇士(ゆうし)
わたしゃ銃後(じゅうご)の  はなよめ御寮(ごりょう)
ぬしの形見(かたみ)の  かはいい黒馬(あを)に
秣(まぐさ)刈りましょ  飼餌(かひば)も煮(に)ましょ

忘(わす)れらりょか  去年(きょねん)の春を
黒馬に揺(ゆ)られて  初里帰(はつさとがへ)り
ぬしに手綱(たづな)  とられて越(こ)えた
峠三里(たうげり)は  ただ夢(ゆめ)の中

雨の露営(ろえい)へ  弾薬(だんやく)積(つ)んで
朱(あけ)に染(そ)まって  来た馬見たら
みんな泣いたと  戦地(せんち)の便(たよ)り
黒馬も早(は)よなれ  名誉(めいよ)の馬に