The cherry blossoms are at last in bloom here in the northern country, so in anticipation of a picnic with my friend, I’ve been reviewing the chabako procedures. The summer procedure, unohana, was specifically named after the duetzia flowers in front of the tea room called Housensai, so here is a little bit about that room.

Housensai (抛筌斎)

Gengensai built Housensai on the 250 year anniversary of the death of Rikyuu Kouji and named it after his funerary title. Within the 12 mat wide room, he built a cupboard and shelf next to the tokonoma.

While important personages can be seated on the two mats with Korean trim in front of the tokonoma, this room lacks a raised dias and can be said to express the simple and rustic aesthetic that the Urasenke tradition emphasizes. Originally, the single mat in front of the cupboard was used as the teamaeza.