Karakane Ryuukyuu Furo possessed by Douchin

Karakane Ryuukyuu Furo possessed by Douchin

I was working on the Nanbouroku today and I ran across Kitamuki Douchin. He didn’t have an English wikipedia page, so I translated the Japanese version for you!

KITAMUKI Douchin (北向 道陳, 1504-1562) was a Muromachi period tea master. He lived in Henomatsu Town in Sakai. He was Sen no Rikyuu’s first instructor.

His original name was Araki. He took the name “Kitamuki” because his house faced (muki) North (kita), or because he lived in Kitamuki Town in Sakai. He is said to have been a wealthy merchant or philosopher, but more likely his occupation was a doctor. Having retired from the world, he learned Touyama style tea from SHIMA Ukyou (Kuukai), a studen of NOU Ami. He had deep correspondance with TAKE no Jouou who lived in the same area. The story about him recommending the student SEN Soueki (SEN no Rikyuu) to Jouou is famous. He possessed many famous utensils such as fine Chinese tea bowls (Douchin-konomi), a scroll written by Kidou [a Chinese monk], Kou Katatsuki [chaire], Zenkou [a certain tea master] tea bowl, and a tea jar that was later offered to Nobunaga. He transmitted Daisu-style tea and Shoin-style tea rather than the Wabi-tea and Soan-tea of Jouou, but he also influenced Rikyuu’s Wabi-tea more than a little. His grave is at his family’s temple, Myouhou-ji of the Nichiren sect, in Sakai.

Douchin built a tea house facing West. A certain person said, “You shouldn’t build it facing West because it will get very uneven sunlight.” Douchin replied, “I only hold tea ceremonies in the morning.”