Here are a few screen shots I noticed I had from the taiga drama, Ryoma-den. There are far more geiko than tea ceremonies in this drama, but I still recommend it.

Here we have the lord of Tosa, YAMAUCHI Yodo, making tea for the tea master MIYAMA Sourin. You can notice the feel of the small room and the particular lighting due to the window placement.

You can get a good look at the teacup used.

On a different occasion, Sourin is making tea for the Youdou.

And finally, here is a close up of the tea master Sourin. I tried looking him up on the internet and he remains somewhat of a mystery. The closest guess seemed to be a student of SUZUKI Sourin, head of the Sekishuu-ryuu Ikei-ha school of tea. But, without an in depth investigation of Youdou’s memoranda no one can be certain.

BONUS! Ryoma and the other members of the soon-to-be Kameyama Shachu looking awesome with hakama and swords. I’m so jealous. Why can’t this fashion come back in style?