One of the attractions of studying Tea is its requirement for practitioners to be well versed in many different arts. Some of the more obvious are ceramics, calligraphy, zen sayings, and lacquer ware. But I feel an understanding of history is also quite important, without which one’s Tea will lack depth.

Anyway, here is a screenshot from the movie “Sakuradamon Gai no Hen” or the “Outside the Cherry Field Gate Affair.” It is, obviously, a dramatization of the assassination of Ii Naosuke, who signed the unequal Harris Treaty as well authored the famous tea book “Ichie-shu”.


In this photo Tokugawa Nariaki, daimyo of Mito Domain, has tea with Matsudaira Shungaku, daimyo of Fukui Domain. They are both supports of the joi movement, and are thus naturally unhappy with Ii Naosuke.