osechiI picked up a catalog at my local cooperative that advertises different new year’s osechi boxes. The prices range from about 5,000 yen to 100,000 yen and include the cooperative’s brand to osechi from famous hotels and restaurants. I have yet to attend a New Year’s chakai that served a kaiseki. The toil of preparing kaiseki is something most people are hesitant to undertake, so visiting a nice restaurant afterwards as a group was what we did, at least in my limited experience. But I thought this translation of one of the osechi advertisements might be of interest to you all the same.

Restaurant Okuni
Under the supervision of Master Chef FUKAWA Junchou

Please savour the osechi of Restaurant Okuni*. We have taken extra care [to have the best] ingredients, taste, and utensils.

New Item. 39 Dishes. Refrigerated Home Delivery. Limit of 5.
Restaurant Okuni Specially-made Osechi (3 Layers): 42,000円*

First Layer: Whole Broiled Sea Bream. Salmon Roe pickled with Shoyu in a Yuzu Bowl. Ichida Persimmons, Peony Shrimp wrapped in Housho Paper. Longevity Chestnuts. Red and White Yanaka Ginger. Rain Simmered Clams. Simmered Oysters with Ginger. Salted Ascidian Entrails. Spanish Mackeral, broiled in the Western Capital-style. Egg Castella. Dressed Unohana finished with Mackerel. Chicken Pineloaf.

Second Layer: Simmered Savories (Konjac, Taro, Lotus Root, Pinecone Sagittaria, Chicken, Bamboo Shoot, Kiboshi, Butterbur, Candy Gluten, Plum Gluten, Flower-cut Carrot). Crab wrapped Turnip. Flouder wrapped in Dragon Skin. Salt Steamed Abalone. Sweet Simmered Trout. Sweet Simmered Rainbow Loach. Mouryuu Yuzu Honey Simmer. Red and White Pickle Radish. Chrysanthemum Turnip. Green Plum.

Third Layer: Red and White Check Kamaboko. Kumquat with Leaves. Konbu Seaweed with Roe. Egg Yolk Persimmon. Tosa Pickled Herring Roe. Eel wrapped in Burdock. Konbu Wrapped Herring. Sweet Simmered Lily Bulb. Crimson Apricot Plum. Black Beans. Red and White Chorogi. Shoyu Dried Sardines. Pounded Burdock. Lawn Simmered Military Shrimp. Datemaki. Mashed Candied Chestnuts.

* Lit. Restaurant of Ancient Virtue. 42,000 yen is about 500 dollars.