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Crimson-War-Fan-Chinese-Herbs Patterned Hearth Frame
Made by Soutetsu the Eleventh

This hearth frame from the collection of the House of Onishi uses wood from the sawakuri tree which is little affected by the passing of years. It is lacquered in the kakiawase-style, varnished first with an underlayer of persimmon juice which highlights the grain of the wood beautifully, and then overlayed with a layer of moist lacquer. On each of the four sides is a war fan, and a pattern of Chinese herbs playing along the frame sides. This pine war fan design is the family crest of the kettle craftsman House of Onishi. When Onishi Kiyomoto the Ninth was adopted from the House of Okudaira, this crest was also adopted.

If you look closely, the pine branches of two of the four war fans are in green, the other two are depicted in silver. Also, we know that it was made before the 30th year of Showa by Gensai Soutetsu the Eleventh from the inscription written on the outside of the frame. As “made upon request” is written on it, it was probably made in response to a commission by the House of Onishi on the occasion of a celebration, and is a one of a kind work.

Kettle: Houunsai Daisoushou Favoured, Pawlonia Crest, Made by Onishi Seishin (Onishi Seiwemon Art Museum Collection)



釜/鵬雲斎大宗匠好 桐の紋 大西浄心造(大西清右衛門美術館蔵)