Here are some pictures and a chakai record of a tea party in Kanazawa held by MAEDA Toshiyasu, the 16th head of the House of Maeda who use to rule the Kaga Province.  There is a lot more to this article, but after trying to figure out how to read all these tea names I feel tired. Anyway, it is really amazing to consider the weight of history behind these nobles like Toshiyasu continuing unto today.

The Chronicles of Kanazawa Chanoyu
Tea and the current House of Maeda (葉月23年)
by TANIHATA Akio, Lecturer at Urasenke Gakuen
Photo by TAHATA Minao
In Cooperation with MAEDA Toshiyasu, Seisonkaku, Ohdori Art Museum, and Kouko-an

Having weathered the “Kaga Succession Riot” that influenced the House a great deal, the House of Maeda fixed up Kenroku-en Garden and gave Tea parties. After the chaos of the Bakumatsu and Meiji period lessened, during the prosperous period of chanoyu during the revival of traditional culture, they honoured of Sensou Soushitsu who served the Kaga Province and welcomed in the age of a new chanoyu.
From the sixth lord of Kaga MAEDA Yoshitoku until modern times, let us survey the history of chanoyu in Kanazawa.

In June of the 20th year of Heisei, Toshiyasu, the 16th head of the House of Maeda, put on the kettle for the first time at Seisonkaku in Kanazawa. The dogu were based upon trying out an arrangement using the Zarei tana recently conceived by the iemoto Zabousai.

Overlooking Hidzura-en Garden from the Kiyoka Study. A meandering stream flows from the southeastern well in the level, moss covered garden. The Six Jizou chouzubachi basin was made by GOTOU Heijou.

At: Seisonkaku’s Kiyoka Study
(Growing Southeast Palace’s Pure Scent Study)
Tana: Zarei
Kettle: Fuji by MIYAZAKI Takumi
Mizusashi: Yuu-ri-kin-sai-ka-gan-mon by YOSHITA Minori
(Rounded Flower Crests in Gold Leaf under Glaze)
Tea Caddy: Hyoumon Youkou Funi by OHBA Shougyo
(Hyoumon-stule Sunlit Advitam)
Tea Bowls: Ameyuu (Candy Glaze)
MAEDA Toshiyasu Umebachi-mon (Plum Jar Crest)
Houunsai Daisoushou Houshu-mon (Treasure Jewel Crest)
In collaboration for Sensou’s 300th anniversary by OOHI Chouzaemon the Tenth
Lid Rest: Made by MAEDA Toshiyasu Seiyuu Umebachi-mon Tourin (Blue glazed Plum Jar Crested Latticed Wheel)
Kensui: Sahari Copper Copied from the collection of the House of Maeda by UOZUMI Iraku

裏千家学園講師 谷端昭夫(たにはた・あきお)写真 田畑みなお
協力 前田利祐氏/成巽閣/大通美術館/好古庵




於  成巽閣清香書院
棚  座礼
釜  富士 宮崎匠造
水指 釉裏金彩花丸文 吉田美統造
薄器 平文陽光不二 大場松魚造
茶杓 鵬雲斎大宗匠作 銘古今
茶碗 飴釉 前田利祐梅鉢文彫
仙叟三百忌記念合作 十代大樋長左衛門
蓋置 前田利祐手作 青釉梅鉢文透輪
建水 砂張 前田家蔵品写 魚住為楽造