Distinctly not a picture taken overseas.

Overseas in Kimono
Trying out Kimono ⑤
by MISAGO Chidzuru, Professor at Tsuda College

Those who are devoted to tea ceremony, of course, have many kimono I think. They probably also have had times when they performed an otemae overseas. If one usually wears western clothing, packing only kimono is rather difficult. Since the assessories are different–from underclothes and footwear to the overcoat– you have to bring two sets of both Japanese and Western clothing and one’s luggage increase. Which style clothing should I bring is something to be considered.
Since I work in the “international cooperation” business, traveling overseas, especially to developing countries, is not uncommon for me. For about 8 years, I always went out in kimono. When I left from Narita, rode airplanes, and loitered in foreign airports in kimono, just that drew a lot of attention to me. It pulled everyone’s eyes. Usually, when travelling overseas they say “standing out is dangerous.” But “extremely standing out is not that dangerous” is closer to the truth. Causing harm to someone who everyone is looking at is a lot more risky. How about trying the strategy of boldly standing out ensure your safety. Of course, it’s important you continue to take the usual cautions you would, but.
Wearing an obi, you can place your passport, credit cards, boarding pass, and other important items in it. You can keep these important items safe by always keeping them close to your skin. Then it would be good to put a handkerchief and coins in your handbag. At first I thought the obi would dig into my back while on the airplane, but opposite of having to get used to it, it was comfortable since I didn’t feel cold inside the airplane. If you are still worried about it, if you change to a han-haba obi tied in the kainokuchi or yanoji bows, your back will be fine. I think those who really like kimono likely have one kimono made of high-quality tsumugi, such as ooshima tsumugi or yuuki tsumugi. These won’t wrinkle, the fabric doesn’t tire and is very comfortablet wear: really the best kimono for travelling. I feel kimono that have been worn a lot are more charming.
Wearing kimono oveseas, I always have Japan at my back. My customs are a representation of Japan. I am sure you feel that representing Japan with a sloppy figure is intolerable. However thinking about it, of all the ways humans conduct themselves, this can only support your self-confidence and pride. Wearing kimono makes me proud.