The Chinese Cooking Class!

As I am sure you are aware, Urasenke not only has a technical college in Kyoto which runs its normal program and the Midorikai program, but also a campus in China, which runs a sort of Japanese/Chinese culture course. This is a short essay by one of the students there. It doesn’t specifically say, but the article implies s/he is Korean. Likewise, the Japanese its written in seems too simple to be native. Anyway, it offers an interesting perspective. Sorry, I didn’t bother to type up the original Japanese.

Tianjin University of Commerce Junior College of Ureasenke Way of Tea (天津商業大学裏千家茶道短期大学)
Having Already Studied Abroad for Over Three Months
by 1-year International Course Student, Kanai Reiken (金居玲賢)

April this year, I entered the Urasenke Junior College. When I lived away from my parents for two years in the Phillipines during the 5th and 6th grade, I wasn’t worried at all, but I, who have lived for 16 years in Korea, was really worried about being able survive using only the Japanese and Chinese language. However, while I am studying Chinese, I think this is a very chance to live like a Japanese person speaking Japanese, and experience Japanese culture while taking Tea classes.
The first tea I drank when I first came to Urasenke Junior College was kindly made by my 2nd year seniors. Watching their temae, I recalled the okeiko I practiced in Seoul.
At my first Chado class, I became lost during the middle of my temae, but my teachers and seniors gently corrected me. Even during my Chinese class, my teachers kindly instructed me.
Practicing for my elective erhu violin class was stressful, but when I could produce beautiful notes I was very happy. When I made delicious food during my Chinese cooking class, I accidently ate too much.
I hadn’t any experience in Korea relating to my calligraphy and Chinese Painting classes, so it felt completely fresh. Everyday, I positively tackled the challenge.
Because we have an examination in September, I am again reveiwing all the things I’ve learned so far. Upon collecting all that I’ve become, I think I am ready to face the exam.