The Miyaou Katatsuki Chaire

Representative Dogu of the Possesions of the House of Ii and Naosuke’s Own Works

As the hereditary head of the House of Ii he received or possessed many chadogu that have been passed down to modern times. Naosuke himself also made a great number of chadogu, which became a part of the House of Ii’s collection. Here, let us have a look at the highlights of these many chadogu.

Dogu Possessed by the House of Ii

  • Nogime Tenmoku, Tsuishu Kaki-bun Tenmoku Dai nose
  • Awn-eyed Chinese Bowl set upon a Red Lacquered Stand Carved with Flowering Vines

As “Nogime” (lit. Awn-Eye) indicates the iron in the black glaze expresses a woodgrain-like pattern that stands out like the grains of wheat, it has a vibrancy beyond imagination.

  • Kodou Gengetsu Tsuri Hanaike
  • Old Copper Crescent Moon Fishing Vase

Made of old copper which has tin and lead added in, the wide lower outer portion has a design of arranged clouds called “the moon in gathering clouds” (Tsuki-ni-Murakumo).

  • Dou-tokin Tachibana-mon Karakusa Jimon Aya Kama/Furo
  • Copper-gilt Tachibana-crested Flowering-vine Woven Patterned Kettle and Brazier

The family crest of the House of Ii–the tachibana flower–was used as a design. A mizusashi of the same style has also been passed down, so it is conjectured a full kaigu set was made.

  • Miyaou Katatsuki Chaire Daimeibutsu
  • The Greatly Famed Miyaou Shouldered Tea Caddy

This chaire, associated with its former possessor Miyaou Saburou Daibu, is a family treasure of the House of Ii that evidences their loyalty to the House of Tokugawa.

  • Seiji Kouro
  • Celadon Censor

It is said that in Genroku 7 (1694), this censor was bestowed upon Naooki, the fourth lord of the province, upon the occasion of traveling with Tokugawa Tsunayoshi.

  • Ryokukatsu-yu Yotsu-mimi Tsubo
  • Green-brown Glazed Four-eared Pot

This Luzon Tsubo that Naotaka, the second lord of the province, purchased is one of the chatsubo certified by Kobori Enshu.


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