Kanreki Fukusa and Crimson Thread Chasen
With Mount Hourai (Penglai) and the character for “longevity” drawn on it, this was the fukusa for the occassion of Tantansai Soushou’s 60th birthday. The tray is the Chitose-bon, which Kayoko-in created for Tantansai Soushou’s 60th birthday. The benio chasen, which is bound with crimson thread, was favoured by Gengensai and isn’t used except for 60th birthday tea parties.

*Translater note: The 60th birthday is called “kanreki” and is easily distinguished by the birthday boy in question wearing particular crimson (beni) garments. Having survived all 60 years of the sexagenary calendar is a cause for celebration. Red is worn because the start of the next sexagenary cycle is considered like a small beginning of a life again, thus just like little babies are wrapped in red, so is the birthday boy.