Gosei: YajiYA
Gomei: Seasonal Assortment (Shiki no Irodori)
Type: Kashi
Ingredients: Sugar, Mizuame, Gelatin (Kanten), Egg White, Flavouring

I bought these jellies at Shinya, but they are prepackaged sweets from the company located in Ohsaka. Consisting basically of sugar and kanten, these are fairly standard sweets: pretty, light, and sweet. They are slightly chewing, and the sugar coating gives them a nice texture on the outside. The shapes, but not the taste, changes with the season. Since I bought these in July, they are summer shapes: a plover, fish (trout?), flower, watermelon, and whirlpool. I really adore the fish, and it is hard not to be charmed by the plover. Brightly coloured rectangular sweets make up the rest.