Important Points about the Application of Normal and Nontraditional Students to the Normal Course in Heisei 23
Former Application Period

Number of Accepted Applicants

  • Cultural Education Specialized Course, Tea Ceremony Course: 40 people (Men and Women)

Period of Course

  • April, Heisei 23 to March, Heisei 26 (3 Years)

Requirements for Application

  • Those having graduated from senior high school, those expecting to graduate from SHS or those with the equivalent academic ability of having graduated from SHS
  • Those desiring to have standing as a tea person in the future
  • Those with sound health and able to manage in societal life
  • Those who have worked for over two years after having graduated from SHS, in the case of admittance as a nontraditional student

Application Period

  • January 6th, Heisei 23 (Thursday) to January 25th (Tuesday)

Application Documents and Application Fee

  • During the above mentioned application period, mail (postmark) or bring in these documents and fee to the school register’s office Head of Admissions.
  • 【1】Application form (school designated sheet)
  • 【2】Statement of Purpose (school designated sheet) 1 sheet
  • 【3】Health Check (school designated sheet)
  • 【4】Photographs (upper body, plain background, 3 by 4 cm) 3 copies
  • 【5】Graduation Diploma or Letter of Expectation to Graduate
  • 【6】For normal admissions, transcripts from the last school attended
  • 【7】Application fee 25,000 yen

Test Date

  • February 4th, Heisei 23 (Friday)

Admission Screening Method

  • Normal Admission: Interveiw and short essay (Theme given on day of testing)
  • Nontraditional Admission: Interview and aptitude test

School Costs

  • Tuition: 40,000 yen a year (3 installments)
  • Practicum fee: 15,000 yen a year (3 installments)
  • Entrance fee: 30,000 yen
  • Facility and Equipment fee: at once 50,000 yen or more (at time of admission)


  • As a boarding school, as a rule you must stay Washin Dormitory (student dormitory)
  • All rooms are private, and are equipped with a bath, toliet, phone, kitchenette, and AC.

Dormitory Fees

  • Board: 54,000 yen a year (in 3 installments)
  • Moving in fee: 5,000 yen (upon admission)
  • Food: 32,000 yen a year (in 3 installments)
  • Maintenance fee: 4,000 yen a year (in 3 installments) Utilities and phone are the responsibility of the individual

Qualifications Awarded

  • Upon graduation, you can immediately request a Chamei

◆文化教養専門課程 茶道科40名(男女)
【7】受験料 25,000円
◆授業料 年間40万円(3期分納)
◆実習教材費 年間15万円(3期分納)
◆入学金 30万円
◆施設設備費 一口50万円以上(入学時)
◆全個室 バス・トイレ・電話・ミニキッチン・冷暖房(エアコン)の設備あり
◆寮費 年間54万円(3期分納)
◆入寮費 5万円(入学時)
◆食費 年間32万円(3期分納)
◆共益費 年間4万円(3期分納)光熱水費・電話料は個人負担