All that remains of Takeno Joo’s Kikusuii

Next, let me introduce some of the many meisui (famed waters) of Kyoto outside of the “three best waters under Heaven”.*
“Kiku Sui-i” (Nakagyou-ku, Muromachi-doori, Kikusuihoko-chou, Upper Shi-jou, which is the old Kongoh Nohgakudou) at the close of the Muromachi, in that area, there is an Ebisu Shrine, and on its grounds meisui gushes forth. Takeno Joo often used this water, and built a hut there called Black House (Koku-an?). The noh chant “Kiku Jidou (Makura Jidou)” explains this historical connection saying, “Next to the dew ladened chrysanthemum leaves in the mysterious ease of the eternal youth, he continued to lived long.”. The Kikusui Lance used at the Gion Festival also takes its name from this well. There used to be the old Kongoh Nohgaku Dou there, but due to its demolition, only a stone monument stands there now.

*The three best waters under Heaven are from Samega-i, Momo no Mizu, and Uji-bashi San no Ma.