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Map of Famed Waters (Meisui) in the Capital
There are many places within Kyoto City where famed waters gush forth. This map only displays places introduced in this article.

  1. 佐女牛井(醒ヶ井)Samega-i, Well of the Serving Women’s Cow (Well of Awakening) [ran dry]
  2. 桃の水 Momo no Mizu, Waters of Peach
  3. 菊水井 Kiku Suino-i, Well of Chrysanthemum Waters [ran dry]
  4. 梅の井 Umeno-i, Well of Plums
  5. 染井 Someno-i, Well of Dye
  6. 利休井戸 Rikyuu-ido, Well of Rikyu
  7. 三斎井戸 Sansai-ido, Well of Sansei
  8. 音羽の滝 Otowa no Taki, Falls of Otowa
  9. 観世水 Kanze-sui, Waters of Kanze
  10. 晴明水 Seimei-sui, Waters of Seimei
  11. お茶の井 Ochano-i, Well of Tea
  12. 御香水 Gokou-sui, Water of Incense
  13. 亀の井 Kameno-i, Well of the Turtle
  14. 飛鳥井 Asuka-i, Well of Asuka