Three Personalities
According to Koushin Sousa of Omotesenke’s box inscriptions, here is the chaire identified as favoured by Sen Soutan, the Kobori Enshu-like restored meibetsu chaire, and the long-shouldered chaire exhibiting the personality of Kanamori Souwa named “Alive.” We lined them up to have a comparative look at them.

Sen Soutan Favoured: Uji ware, The Fushin-An Treasury
Enshuu Favoured: Tanba ware with ears named “Ikuno”(?) or “Fresh Field”, The Yuki Fine Art Museum Treasury
Souwa Favoured: Long-shouldered named “Zonmei” or “Alive”, The Nomura Fine Art Museum Treasury

千宗旦好:宇治焼 不審菴蔵
遠州好:丹波耳付 銘生野 湯木美術館蔵
宗和好:長肩衝 銘存命 野村美術館蔵