Matsu: “Ah, is that so. Thank you kindly.”
Having heard this, Omatsu was overjoyed. Today she finished up her business, and taking the money, she returned to her home. The place she called home was really just a hovel, walls surrounding a straw mat. She was living alone at the age of 13, and already by that age, she knew there were audacious people whose hearts resembled an ogre’s. Thinking of this, she took her money. While her body was that of a child, she made all her own clothes. Only two days later, she prepared to leave, closing up the house, although there was no thief to enter, and even if there were, there was nothing to steal. Since she didn’t know exactly where she was doing, just like that she went to Shimousa, asking here and there. She crossed plains and she crossed valleys, slowing passing though and asking about the Thousand Vales of Inba Village. Upon coming to Gozaemon’s house, it indeed was a large thatched house with three storehouses built next to it.