I say this again, the depth of chanoyu is in soan style. The formal shoin and daisu style tea is a worldly style with strictly arranged manners. Although the small thatched room and the feel of the garden path try to be based in orthodox kane, in the end, they are different from the kane. They forget the techinique and return to the wordly style with a tasteless spirituality. Speaking of this, those chajin who are in thier prime of life or with much free time do not know things they should know, especially spiriturality. As for not being scrupulous about the treatment of utensils, that should be considered inappropriate. In reality, techinique and principle are not seperate things. If you practice the principles truly, then you will be practicing the heart. If you practice the heart truly, then you will be practicing the technique. Even though the technique might be done well, if the heart is yet lacking, then the technique will also be lacking in refinement. Even though the heart might be accomplished, if the technique is lacking, then the heart is not yet fully refined. This is a level that Buddhism can deeply understand as well, it is said.

カヘスゞゝ茶ノ湯ノ深味ハ草菴ニアリ、真ノ書院台子ハ各式法儀ノ厳重ヲトゝノヘ、世間法ナリ、草ノ小座敷、露地ノ一風ハ、本式ノカネヲモトゝスルトイヘドモ、終ニカネヲハナレ、ワザヲ忘レ、心味ノ無味ニ帰スル出世間法ナリ、カクイヘバトテ、壮年又ハイトマアル茶人、心味ダテヲシテ、知ルベキコトヲ知ズ、取アツカイフツゝカニテハ 不相応ノコトナルベシ、実ハ事ト理ト別々ニアラズ、事熟スレバ心熟シ、心熟スレバワザ熟ス、ワザハ能スレドモ心イマダ至ラズト云ハ、ワザモイマタ妙処ニ至ラザレユヘ也、