A thank you letter upon receiving a tea utensil (Addressed to a superior)

As Autumn draws near, it has become easier to endure the days. I lift up felicitations to all of your honourable house as you spend the time.
This is hasty, but truely I thank you for conscending to present me with the handmade tea bowl recently .
The last few years, I have heard of Mr. Yoshida due to his diligence in making ceramics. This Spring, I had the chance to drink tea at Mr. Yoshida’s residence from a black tea bowl he made. The nice way it set in my palm, the beauty of the glaze, and the natural feel of it I very much admired. Having listened to this talk, you kindly sent to me a white glazed summer tea bowl. I am full of a joy more than I can consider.
I unwrapped the package, read the so hospitable letter enclosed, and for a short while merely held and examined the tea bowl with both hands.
I hadn’t finished considering what reply I might give to this thoughtful, but recalled “When you drink tea from a bowl never used, you adds 75 days to your life.” I made tea, and then with all my family in mind, drank it. The bowl exceeds any treasure I now possess and I shall treat it carefully and preciously.
While these words do not express even one ten-thousandth of my grateful thoughts, since there is no okeiko this month and I want to express my happiness as soon as possible, I hastily lift up this poor letter.
The season being what it is, and so you might not tire yourself in the heat, I beg that you take good care of yourself.
The Third of August.

Respectfully Yours,
Matsuda Emi

Adressed to Mrs. Sasaki Yuuko