There was a lot of tea recently in my drama, Tenchijin, so I couldn’t resist taking more screenshots. ^_^

First, a close up of Ookuni Sanehiro making tea for Chacha at the elegant villa, Jurokutei. You can see the smoked bamboo chashaku and chasen, along with lacquered tenmoku dai.

A farther away view of the same toriawase, so you can see the nagaita. Isn’t the sansai set refreshing?

Here, Kagekatsu is having a meeting. I am rather fond of the individual okashi stands. They remind me of the charming afternoon tea to which I once went at Peyard of Seoul. I find it fascinating how the lords sit according to rank together in the upper part of the room, discussing matters, while the unimportant maker of tea and his assistant sit in the lower part of the room out of the way.

This is the last tea before his sad death that Rikyuu makes for Kagekatsu.

How sweet, but bitter that last bowl of tea must have been.