A larger tea ceremony, with the daisu.

Kanetsugu is invited to Rikyuu’s three mat tea room. Note the placement of the windows.

Kanetsugu’s younger brother, Ohkuni Saneyori, makes tea for him and requests that he be left in Kyoto to look after the Kyoto manor. I think he is using the same furo and kensui as Oryou was previously. You can also see scroll and flowers in the tokonoma. Note how the larger room is divided by the kekkai to make it into a 4.5 mat room and how Kanetsugu sits cross-legged while Saneyori sits in seiza

A veiw from outside the room.

A close up of the tall-footed chawan.

Here you can see the tsurube mizusashi. Note how Saneyori turns towards his brother to talk and then make the request after Kanetsugu drank the tea.

Here Kanetsugu and Tokugawa Ieyasu are having tea with Rikyuu. Tokugawa is feeling out how he might manipulate the House of Uesugi, and chatting with Kanetsugu. Rikyuu doesn’t say anything, and merely makes tea.