I doubt anyone thinks this is as interesting as I do, but here are more screenshots of tea ceremonies from my drama, Tenchijin.

Hideyoshi making tea for Kagekatsu, lord of the House of Uesugi and his retainer Naoe Kanetsugu. This is in Hideyoshi’s famous gold tea room. Note how even the hishaku and chasen are covered in gold leaf. The floor isn’t golden, but covered in felt. I imagine the since Hideyoshi was originally of low birth, he felt the desire to live it up when he gained power.

The daughter of Rikyuu, Oryou, made tea for Kagekatsu and Kanetsugu at Honkokuji. She uses an orange fukusa, but it can’t be seen here.

Here is a picture of the dogu she used. Note the lacquered teoke used as a mizusashi, kirikake furo, and the bamboo kekkai.

Oryou makes tea for Kanetsugu and confesses her love for him. Here she uses a ceramic mizusashi, I think.

Rikyuu pays an uninvited visit to chat with Kagekatsu. He brings with him a chabako, tetsubin, and binkake. Kagekatsu, as a lord, gets to sit on a brocade trimmed cushion of sorts. Something interesting is when Rikyuu set out the tea bowl for Kagekatsu to take, he sort of swung in a wide arc rather than turning it. I wonder why?

A close up of the utensils.

Oryou makes tea for Kagekatsu and Kanetsugu again, using the nagaita.

We also get to see her grinding matcha!