Festival of Peaches
(Festival of Princesses, Festival of March 3rd)

A Festival of Peaches to Wish for the Healthy Growth of Girls

Displaying the Hina Dolls
How one displays the hina dolls is connected to the upper and lower seats, so looking at the display, the male doll is on the right and the female doll is on the left. Below them, the alignment of three court ladies (women serving the princess), then five hayashi musicians (the orchestra for noh performance), the Minister of the Left and Minister of the Right, cherry blossoms, orange blossoms has been established.

  • Looking at it, from the left are three court ladies holding a handled decanter, a sake saucer, and long-handled decanter.
  • Looking at it, from the left are five hayashi musicians in the order of taiko, large drum, small drum, flute, and song.
  • Looking at it, the Minister of the Right is on the left and the Minister of the Left is on the right.
  • Looking at it, from the left are attendents holding umbrellas. An orange and cherry tree are placed to the left and right.