These are not the Midorikai students in question, but since all foreigners look alike, I figured it would be okay.

Midorikai Thank You Chakai
Last year on December 5th, in the Shinhana room of the Souke Chadou Kaikan, the foreigner training course of Urasenke Gakuen (Midorikai) held their customary “Winter Chakai”.
Since this chakai is an event in which the feelings of gratitude to the Souke and many other related people and friends for the year are included, the guests can enjoy drinking due to the Chado class and the planned theme every year. This time the 7 members of Midorikai, hailing from 5 different countries (America, Finland, Poland, Romania, and Chile), arranged utensils with the theme of “The Bonds of a Family”.
In the machiai was a lamp from Finland with candles handmade by the Midorikai members. Beneath that was displayed a book of Winter poems handed down by former Midorikai members. Also, in the toko of the main seating, there was the writing “Thankful Tea (Sha Cha)” by Hounsai Daisoshou which expressed a thankful feeling, an incense container that was possessed by former students, an American-made wine cooler for a mizusashi, and a Romanian-made okashi tray full of hand made okashi. It was a warm selection of utensils which expressed a thankful feeling to the Souke, related persons, as well as the former class of students, and everyone’s family.
That day at 9 in the morning, Zabousai Iemoto and wife, Miss Makiko Sen, Ms. Hiromi Izumi, Mr. Kouichirou Izumi, and Mr. Reijiro Izumi attended and enjoyed a cup of thankfulness to their heart’s content.