7-jou Kanshundou (Sweet Spring Hall at Place 7)

In a room of a machiya, have a tranquil cup of tea. The name of the store includes a meaning from the zen phrase “Shaza Kissa” (then sitting and drinking tea). The okashi trays are handled as in kaiseki meals. Matcha, omogashi, and kirikuzu in shiratama zenzai… For the same reason we eat kaiseki, we eat these to better enjoy the matcha. The sweet taste brings out the magnificent flavour of tea.
Naturally, you can relish a genuine feeling of chado by making matcha. Breathing in the spirit of chanoyu through the hospitality of wagashi, for a short moment, experience the feelings of the old capital.
[NB: kirikuzu is a whitish gelatinous sweet, shiratama are rice flour dumplings, and zenzai is sweet adzuki bean soup]

Choose a seasonal omogashi like the decorated, fresh kuzukiri. Savour a taste full of the art and spirit of this historic shop. The “wagashi tray” is 1260 yen. The delightfully textured adzuki tofu “kyoutousui” is also popular.
Hours: 9-18
Access: Nearby the Shichi-jo station on the Keihan main line.
Parking: Two cars
Seats: 40
Atmosphere: A bakumatsu period machiya
Smoking Prohibited
Takeout: *Matcha Bowl (1995 yen)- The bowl which the matcha was made in, so you can eat okashi with it afterwards.
*Veggie Sembei (630 yen)- One by one, enjoy various seasonal flavours of hand grilled sembei such as sakura and matcha.
Service: Making Wagashi Experience (Reservation Needed of two or more people, 2100 yen per person)
Please contact the store for details.
Established: The first year of Keiou (1865)
Chain Name: 7jou
Address: Kyoto City, Higashiyama-ku, Shichijoudoori, Yamato Ooji Corner
Tel: 075-541-3771
Fax: 075-525-1566
Web: http://www.7jyo-kansyundo.co.jp/
Nearby Siteseeing: Kyoto Station, Kyoto Tower, Sanjuusan Gendo Temple, Chisan-in Temple, Toyokuni Shrine