This is the omikuji I drew this year at my shrine. I am so lucky!

Lucky Cat Omikuji
The Lucky Cat that Calls Happiness

The Lucky Cat was born from the beliefs of the common people. Like Fukujin-Sama, the Lucky Cat has come to be beloved as the familiar kami who cheerful grants wishes. It is said that a raised right hand beckons money, a raised left hand beckons guests, but in any case, it has gathered a long and deep rooted belief as beckoning good fortune.
This omikuji is divided into seven colours of wishes. There are 28 types of Lucky Cats, but carefully carry the Lucky Cat that fate chose for you in your wallet or other close place.

The Benefits of Seven Colour

  • Gold: Luck with money; flourishing business
  • Red: Exorcism; safety of one’s family
  • Green: Body’s health; completion of school work
  • White: Encouraging good luck; encouraging good omens
  • Yellow: Luck with money; flourishing business
  • Black or Grey: Safety of one’s family; extinguishing calamity
  • Pink: Marriage; finding a good match

The one who pulled this omikuji should carefully read in accordance to one’s own needs. If it is good luck, overall your fortune will increase. Even if it is a curse, if you deeply believe, you can have good luck.

Number 46 Omikuji
Number 46 Omikuji: Great Blessing
There are omens of better fortune. When riding favourable waves, there is the patronage of your superiors. Your whole circumstance will change for the better, your merits will be recognized, and you will be promoted in status.
In a time like this, keep your outer expressions plain. Steadily advance while reaffirming your greater objective. If you waver clumsily and with fickleness, there is the concern this lucky good fortune might run away.
Work, Negotiations, Business
Don’t rush an answer; build up the small things one by one. Firmly managing things, everything will go well.
Love, Romance, Engagement
You will happen to meet a wonderful partner. However, you musn’t rush into expressing your love. Nurture it slowly with lots of time.
Health, Illness, Medical Treatment
If you live life at a slow place, there is nothing to worry about. But there is a cause of illness that you didn’t notice. You should get another check up.
Schoolwork, Art, Exams
Since this is a time when a little effot will reap great rewards, work boldly. There are very few chances like this. Great Blessing.

金 金運・商売繁昌
赤 産除・家内安全
緑 身体健全・学業成就
白 開運招福・吉兆来福
黄 金運・商売繁昌
黒・グレー 家内安全・厄難消除
ピンク 縁結・良縁招来

第四六番 おみくじ
第四六番 大吉