For a usual chaji, addressed to a superior

Although it is Spring, chilly days still continue. I humbly think that everyone is in good health.
I thank you for the usual assistance you always lend us. Thus I know that this is truly unsightly, but I want to raise up to you a bowl of tea. I respectully raise up to you this guide.
Obediently yours,
Shimada Souki The 12th year of Heisei; A fortunate day in March.

To Morikawa Soushun
A Letter

The Date: The 12th year of Heisei, the 22nd day of March, Friday
The seating is at 12 o’clock
Location: My humble abode
First Guest: Mrs. Morikawa Soushun
Mrs. Isobe Soukei
Mrs. Shimodou Soukou
Last Guest: Mrs. Shimizu Soujun

茶事 一般 [目上の方宛]
平成十二年三月吉日  島田宗喜

日時  平成十二年三月二十二日(金)
十二時 席入り
場所 拙宅
御正客様 森川宗春先生
御詰様 清水宗順先生