Local Milk Pudding

Continuing our bonus translation on food self-sufficiency.

Chapter 2:
5 Actions that can up our food self-sufficiency.

2-2: Let’s have local food by eating fresh food grown in our hometowns

Do you know the good point about your hometown’s food? It is useful for upping our food self-sufficiency. Let’s try and look at a delicious secret.

Koku: Lady Kaka, the vegetables in this salad are delicious!
Kaka: Wee, tres bien! Isn’t it so! They are vegetables a farmer in the neighborhood grew.
Koku: Wow, there are vegetables grown in our neighborhood!?
Blue: You didn’t know that Koku-san? Nearby our houeses there are farmers growing various vegetables.
Koku: I didn’t know that!
Kaka: It is your loss if you don’t know that there is food being grown right next door to you. Since food grown in the neighborhood is so fresh and delicious!★1
Blue: About that, and also to up your food self-sufficiency, we should grow agriculture and eat foods from our neighborhood.★2
Koku: When I eat food from my neighborhood, I raise our food self-sufficiency? I’m so happy I can eat delicious food and raise our self-sufficiency!

★1Foods from your neighborhood, that is foods that are suitable for the enviroment where you live, are fresh and delicious because the transportation distance is short. Furthermore, because not much fuel for transportation is needed, it is said to be kind to the enviroment.

★2If we all individual choose to eat foods from our own neighborhood, not only the local farmers, but also [concerns about] the agriculture and food of Japan will be resolved and we will up our food self-sufficiency.

Summary: Let’s know what foods are grown within the area that we live.