These are two advertisements from Nov. 2011 Tanko Magazine. The first is from the back cover. The second is from the back of the table of contents.

‘Toray’ Innovation by Chemistry
Supply, Glossy, Washable
–Toray Silk Look Kimono–
The Scenery of Rino A kimono produced by Rino Katase
Toray Silk Look

  • Supple, it has an elegant luster and beautiful hue.
  • Difficult to wrinkle, it is also the best for traveling.
  • Difficult to dirty, it repels dirt easily.
  • You can easily wash it without picking it apart at home.

*Exceedingly sweat aborbant and quick drying, antibacterial and odour resistant, please use our simply-to-wash refreshing Silk Look under-kimono.
This label is our mark.

Toray Public Company
Kimono Information, Kyoto: Tel. 075-211-7105
Toray Silk Look Kimono Offical Web Shop

‘Toray’ Innovation by Chemistry
梨乃景色 かたせ梨乃プロデュースきもの

  • しなやかで優雅な光沢と美しい色合い。
  • しわになりにくく、持ち運びにも最適。
  • 汚れがつきにくく、ついた汚れも落ちやすい。
  • ご家庭の洗濯で簡単に丸洗いできます。


きものインフォメーション 京都TEL:075-211-7105

Urasenke Konnnichi-an Zabousai Oiemoto Okonomi
Thick tea: The Ancient Thousand Miles (Senri no Mukashi)
Thin tea: A Pale Quiet Harmony (Yuuwa no Shiro)
Hounsai Daisoushou Okonomi
Top grade thick tea: An Ancient House of Leaves (Hamuro no Mukashi)
Thin tea: The Pale Ridge of the Gods (Kamio no Shiro)
Thin tea: The Pale Moss (Koke no Shiro)

Uji Yamamasa Koyama-en
Public Corporation Yamamasa Koyama-en
〒62-0042 Kubo 96, Ogura-cho, Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture
Tel. 0774(24)1122
Fax 0774(24)1125

Please ask for it at famed tea or tea supply store near you.
Powdered Tea Mortar

裏千家今日庵 座忘斎家元御好
濃茶 千里の昔 (せんりのむかし)
薄茶 悠和の白 (ゆうわのしろ)

極上 濃茶 葉室ノ昔 (はむろのむかし)
薄茶 神尾ノ白 (かみおのしろ)
薄茶 苔ノ白 (こけのしろ)

宇治 山政 小山園
株式会社 山政 小山園
〒六二-〇〇四二 京都府宇治市小倉町久保九六
TEL 0774(24)1122
FAX 0774(24)1125