About the importance of eating seasonally.

Chapter 2: 5 Actions that can up our food self-sufficiency.

2-1 Let’s eat the “seasonal” food

What connection is there between seasonal food and food self-sufficiency? Actually, there is a very important and deep connection.

Blue: Koku-san, do you know what “shun (season)” is?
Koku: Um… is it the most delicious time for a certain food…?
Blue: That’s right! In Japan with four distinct season, we can enjoy the the taste of the four different seasons. Foods produced during their season are more delicious and also more nutritious, compared foods produced out of season.
Koku: The same food, but the flavour and nutrition changes? How strange!
Pink: About that, because you don’t need extra labour when producing foods in season, it is kinder to the enviroment.★1
Koku: Wow! Foods in season are completely the best! But, what connection is there between seasonal foods and food self-sufficiency?
Pink:When we eat lots of seasonal foods from Japan, the output of local foods increases and the imported foods decrease. So then the percentage of self-sufficiency rises.
Koku:I see! From now on, I am going to gobble up seasonal foods!

★1When we growing various foods during the appropirate time, those goods harvested during their season don’t require the energy needed to artifically produce light and raise the temperature. Because no extra fuel is needed, these foods are said to be good for the environment.

Summary: By savouring local and seasonal foods, we can up our food self-sufficiency!