Taken from Tanko Text New Temae Compilation 22: Nakaoki
The Ooita

The Ooita, a square board 1 shaku and 4 sun big, can be in shinnuri lacquer, kakiawase lacquer, or in the arame style or of plain wood and so on.

Nakaoki Procedure: Thick Tea
The mizusashi and chaire being displayed, the procedure is the same as the gyogo-dana. Since there is no upper board, turn the shifuku over and set it with the left hand at katte.
When putting out the utensils for viewing, display the hishaku vertically at katte on top of ooita using your right hand and display the futaoki at the lower right of the handle (Photo 1). Do not do yugaeshi.

Nakaoki: Thin Tea Procedure
When displaying the hishaku, without doing yugaeshi, take a steady the hishaku. Put the futaoki at the right (of katte) with only the right hand (Photo 2). Display the hishaku with the right hand vertically on the left of the ooita (Photo 3, 4).

中置 濃茶点前
中置 薄茶点前