Taken from Tanko Text New Temae Compilation 22: Nakaoki.
The Gogyou-dana

A favourite of Gengensai, it is made with two boards of burnt cedar with the grain exposed and three bamboo pillars.
Since it takes it’s name from the five elements or wood, fire, earth, metal, and water being restored between the heavenly (upper) board and the earthly (lower) board–in other words the universe–it is the rule to place the earthen brazier (doburo) on the earthly board.
The heavely board is a 1 shaku, 4 sun by 1 shaku 2 sun rectangle. The earthly board is a 1 shaku 2 sun square. The far pillar has 1 node, the pillar near the guest has 2 nodes, and the pillar nearest at hand has 3 nodes. The natsume is displayed on the heavenly board.
Do not yugaeshi with this stand.

Thick Tea Procedure
In the center of the heavenly board, display the natsume along with the display of the mizusashi and chaire.
Carry in the chawan, and arrange it with the chaire. Return to the mizuya and carry in the kensui.
Steady the hishaku, take the futaoki and place it conveniently nearby on the earthly board (photo 1), lay the handle of the hishaku sideways in front of the furo like the character 一(photo 2,3), the host and guests give a communal bow.
Move the chawan and chaire in front of the knees, take the shifuku off the chaire, grab and turn it, and place it with the left hand nearby to the left on the heavenly board (photo 4).
* * *
Put out the chaire, chashaku, and shifuku for veiwing (photo 5). Return to the imae position, take the hishaku with the left hand, deal with it, and display it vertically conveniently to the side of the heavenly board (photo 5). Leave the futaoki displayed to the right near side of the handle of the hishaku.

Thin Tea Procedure
Accept the request for haiken, display the hishaku angled diagonally across the heavenly board, the cup being one third away from the left edge and the tip being one fourth away from the right edge. Take the futaoki and display it front left of the hishaku.


*   *   *