Continuing this stylish article in encouragement of gentlemen interested in traditional Japanese clothing.

Section 1: How to settle the three doubts about men’s kimono

1. I don’t know where would be good to wear one!
I want to try to wear Japanese clothing, but when would it be good to wear it, wear it would be good to wear it… I went and hesitated, you know. And don’t a lot of people hesitate because they are embarrassed to wear it alone?

At the very first, try wearing it and tying the obi in your own room. This might be the best place to start. If you think it would be good to go out for a bit once you become accustomed to wearing it, how about trying to go out with your friends or in a group wearing kimono? Not necessarily a far place, just going to lunch somewhere quite close, or just going to tea will be plenty of fun. When everyone is wearing kimono, your embarrassment will fade.

At first, why don’t you consider what you want to do and wear you want to go wearing kimono? Those of you who are learning arts like tea ceremony and kendo already have many opportunities. For those of you who aren’t, maybe your dream expands to wanting to have an elegant time in a wonderful Japanese garden, or wanting to chat in a restrant with beautiful scenery wearing Japanese clothing, or wanting to pass some time feeling the Japanese atmosphere of visiting the shrine on New Year’s.

There are opportunities to wear kimono unexpected and nearby you. It will be nice to wear kimono when there are traditional Japanese customs, for example, weddings, coming of age ceremonies, shichi-go-san and so on. The best chance to wear Japanese clothing. Lately, people who go out dressed in kimono for the second party of a wedding are increasing. Surely, there are places in your life that will suit wearing kimono.

*When you think about what you want to do and where you want to go wearing kimono, many places with the chance to wear it will come tumbling your way.

2. I don’t know what way is good to wear one!!

It sounds difficult to put on kimono, and I’m a little scared of putting it on properly, so I went and hesitated. Haven’t you thought that despite that you bought a kimono, because you don’t know how to wear it, it will just lay in your dresser untouched?

Men’s kimono, compared to women’s kimono, are far easier. If you know how to quite simply wear it and tie the obi, you can dress yourself quite stylishly. While some people learn at a kimono school, you can remember how to wear the kimono with haori, how to tie the obi, how to wear just the kimono, and also how to fold the kimono properly in about one hour. You can learn how to wear the hakama too in about two hours. If you just a kitsuke manual, you can wear kimono whenever you like. Of course, if you expect to wear an especially beautiful style well, you will need a little bit of specialized knowledge, but you can ask a friend who is the best as dressing stylishly, or you can ask anything you like at a store which understands men’s japanese clothing. Since people will teach you with unexpected kindness, they might even bring a place used for introducing japanese clothing. Lately, people who mostly learn how to wear kimono from information on the internet are increasing.

You should become accustomed to rather than learn about kimono. Since you can remember how to tie the obi the same as you did to wear a tie, please feel relaxed about it.

*When you learn at a kitsuke classroom, you can remember how to wear kimono and haori in about one hour, with the hakama in about two hours. When there is a person to consult or information (you can read), you will perfect it.

3.Men’s kimono seems really expensive!!!

Surely, a furisode kimono is like 100 man? A kimono for men is probably even more expensive…. Have you had the anxiety that it must be that people who aren’t affluent and have money can’t wear kimono?

There are many types of Japanese clothing for men. You can arrange for a simple kimono that is used or synthetic or cotton for under 10 man. Because the things dry-goods’ stores handle vary, the selling prices also vary considerably. Like seen above, there are kimono which are over 100 man, but you can get a very wonderful men’s kimono set for about 10 to 15 man.

The matter of being expensive or inexpensive changes according to the quality, but let’s consider western tailored clothing. Japanese clothing is basically custom tailored from a kimono bolt of cloth. Most western clothes that are tailored and suits are around 10 man–something good is not less than 15 man–I think. Likewise with Japanese clothing, something that makes a good appearance in public, a full set will be arranged to cost around the same price.

Furthermore, there is the side that gentlemen’s Japanese clothing after now will diffuse, and comparing to 10 years ago the value of kimono has declined. Gentlemen should prepare for the circumstances in which to wear kimono. Also, because you can place an order for a full set, for example trying to alter the color of the haori’s cords, trying to wear a change of obi, or changing the color of the haori coat which changes the whole appearance of the kimono, you can double the enjoyment of wearing it.

*A kimono is about the same price as a custom tailored suit. It is a good time to buy because it is more inexpensive now than it was 10 years ago.