In encouragement of wearing traditional clothing comes this charming and illustrated article by Also, you should watch this stylish video on how to wear kimono by them.

Men’s kimono are expensive! There is no chance to wear them! I don’t understand how to wear them?
It is not that at all. Actually, it is an item that more familiar and easy to wear.
Message to those who are leaning towards an interest in men’s kimono

I wish I could wear kimono…!!”
“No, they are splendidly stylish!”

Seeing the figure of a man in kimono by chance on TV, seeing a stylish man in Japanese dress walking about the neighborhood, don’t you ever think things like this? However, when actually thinking about trying to wear one, haven’t you changed your mind because you were worried about these sorts of things?

1. I don’t know where would be good to wear one!
I would be embarrassed to be the only one wear one…

2. I don’t know what way is good to wear one!!
Can I even remember how to put it one properly?

3.Men’s kimono seems really expensive!!!
Ah, about how much is a complete outfit anyways…

Men’s kimono are actually not that inordinate of an item. We can clearly settle these three doubts.

Here we will teach the way to transform into stylish person to a man who has not yet any kimono, but has an interest, or a man who previously had some kimono.

Well, from here, we will have a short introduction the world of men’s Japanese clothing. Surely you will find something new. We beg you enjoy it to the end.

Before that are images of men’s kimono. You, too, will be able to stylishly dress in such clothes

A Must See: Table of Contents for men leaning towards an interest in kimono
Section 1: How to settle the three doubts about men’s kimono
Section 2: From here, becoming used to beautiful Japanese clothing! An introduction to stylish dress
The Story of my Kimono Experience
Section 3: Making a beautiful kimono figure in 3 steps
Section 4: What to do until you come to the store.