An excerpt from the Wa Gallery newsletter.

Teach Me Chado Vol.196
Things to Remember: How to treat the Tsurigama (Sumi-demae)

  • Put out the kogo and close the kettle lid.
  • Shift one knee forward, support the bail with the left hand, and while pulling up the chain with the left hand, move up the hook about three links and hang it there. (the lesser raising)
  • With the right hand, take out the kettle trivet. Return it to the left with the left hand and place it to the side of the left knee.
  • With the right hand, hold the right kan. With the left hand, free the hook by grasping the top of the kettle’s bail. Set the kettle down on the trivet.
  • Let go of the right kan with the right hand. Change the hold of the bail to the right hand and take off the right kan from the bail with the left hand. Hold the left side of the bail with the left hand, and lay it down on the far side below the kettle.
  • Take off the kan, and place them in about the middle of the bail.
  • Turn the face the hearth. Catch the hook of the chain and lift it up with the left hand. Then hang the chain’s middle hook about five links up with the right hand. (the greater raising)
  • Arrange the sumi as usual.
  • Put out the kogo for veiwing. Immediately catch the hook with the left hand. The middle hook having been raised twice, with the right hand, lower it five links. (the greater lowering)
  • Turn the body a little to the left, and with the left hand, take the kan-rings. Hang them on the kettle. Pull the kettle back to teiza. With the left hand, take the bail and hang the right kan on it with the right hand. Fix your grip, and hang the left kan on it. Then just like that, hold it there. Just as when it was raised, return to face the hearth and hang the bail on the hook on the chain’s end.
  • Put away the trivet, and with the left hand hold up the bail a little. Half raising the firmly held kettle, lower the middle hook the three links it was originally raised with the right hand. (The lesser lowering)