Tanko Magazine, Heisei 23, September
Konnichian Gyotei Division: Question Corner

Q: About Kinin Kiyotsugi Kagetsu No Shiki
In Kinin Kiyotsugi Kagetsu no Shiki, please teach us the established closing conduct for when the “Flower of Closing” is drawn but the kinin has not even once gotten the “Moon”.
A: Even though the kinin has not once gotten the “Moon”, the kinin with the flower of closing, takes the returned “Tsugi Chawan” with the right hand and temporarily places it with the left hand at kattetsuki. He puts water in the “Kinin Chawan” (that was temporarily placed on the kinin tatami) in front of his knees and does chasen-toshi.
Arrange the chakin and chasen, purify the chashaku, brush the fukusa and put it to the waist. He arranges the natsume in front of the mizusashi, and places the former “Tsugi Chawan” in front of his knees. He puts hot water in and rinses the bowl, does chasen-toshi with cold water, arranges the chakin and chasen, and places it at kattetsuki.

Q: About Hira Kagetsu no Shiki
In Hira Kagetsu no Shiki, after the guest first advances into 4 and a half mat room, the host goes and holds the orisue in front of the main guest. At this time, should the main guest place the orisue towards the kamiza? Also, when going to sit for the temae having gotten the flower card, which foot should one stand on?
A: The orisue placed in front of the main guest is not placed towards the kamiza, it is left how it is. Also, when going to sit for the temae having gotten the flower card, stand up with the right knee, and fall back left, right left.

Q: About the placement of the guest’s fan
At a chakai, entering the tearoom as a guest, when placing the fan behind one’s seat, is it pointed towards kamiza or geza? Also, is there a distinction between the main guest and the other guests?
Whichever seat it is, the main guest points to the kamiza. The second guest and the rest, turn the point towards geza.

Q: About the seven types of futaoki
The seven types of futaoki can be made of bronze or ceramic. Of the ceramic made, there are celedon and enameled ones etc. But are there any rules for using them?
A: There aren’t any rules. Use whatever is nice for your toriawase.

Q: About the furosaki screen
I heard you use a furosaki screen if you have fusuma etc. by the seat of the temae. I can see using a furosaki when the seat has walls on both sides, but how is that? Also, is it best to treat a barrier the same as a furosaki?
A: Use a furosaki if there is fusuma or shoji on one or both sides, also if there ar walls on both sides but they are not plastered. Don’t use a furosaki if there is a temae skylight or such, or when there is a wall that is plastered such as in a four and a half mat tearoom. If treating a normal large room as a small room, use a barrier to partition off the utensial mat and the guest mats.

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