This was translated from this blog post with two charming pictures.

Trying and Making the Easy and Delicious “Butterbur Tea Sweet”

The ingredients are only Japanese butterbur and sugar. Since they are simple, healthy, and even make tea sweets, I tried to make them.

How to make them is easy.
1. Not cutting them, simply leaving them long, parboil them.
2. Peel the skin, and cut them to about 5 cm in length.
3. Cover them in the amount of sugar that you like. Without water, boil them down for about 45 minutes.
4. When the syrup is gone, there will be a shaking and drying noise.

This is a recipe I heard from a wife somewhere. How simple it is!
This experienced wife, as for the photograph is how I always do so. I’m rather sorry.

This has the feeling of a snack with a silky feeling, different from nimono.

This “Butterbur Tea Sweet” certainly has a name, but I don’t know it. Since I don’t know it, and am using “Butterbur Tea Sweet”, I think that it is good enough.
Perhaps, this could be a dish that was respected from ancient times.