A recipe translated from Okashi-net. It has pictures for all the steps as well as other recipes.

Let’s Make Japanese Sweets!
Yatsu Hashi with An

<Ingredients: 12 Servings>


Adzuki Tsuboan..120g

Powdered Cinnamon..10g

Heat Resistant Bowl
Wooden Spoon
Microwave Oven
Saran Wrap
Rolling Pin
Kitchen Knife
Kitchen Towels

-Make the adzuki tsuboan into about 12 balls
-Mix an amount of kinako and cinnamon together well.
-Prepare a place (a table or big cutting board) for spreading out the dough.

*Making the Dough
1, Add and disolve the shiratamako well in to the amount of water.
2, Add and disolve the wasabon and sugar into 1.
3, Then, add the joujinko into 2, and mix it until it becomes smooth.
4, Cover the smooth dough with saran wrap and heat it in the microwave oven for two minutes.
5, Take it from the microwave and mix it well so it is uniform. (When mixing, be careful not to get burned since the bowl is hot. Also, spread a wet cloth under the bowl to stablize it.)
6, Again, heat it in the microwave for 3 minutes.

7, Take it from the microwave and mix the dough well. Scatter the cinnamon and kinako mixture on the place prepared for spreading out the dough and then spread the dough on it. (Because the dough is hot, be careful of getting burned.)
8, With the rolling pin, roll out the dough until it is a thin 40 cm square (to make 12 10 cm squares).
9, Cut the rolled out dough into squares. (In order to make at least 12 squares.)
10, Place the balls of tsuboan in the center of the dough, and fold it to make a triangle.

11, The yatsuhashi with an are done. They become stiff over time, so quickly enjoy them.