When Beginning to Practice Tea (Part 4, final)

To persons newly beginning:

*Greeting your teacher*

I think it is desirable to go out and greet the teacher you are apprenticing yourself to about a week or two before the first day of keiko. If there is a person who introduced you, it would be good if she also kindly accompanied you. Also, if there isn’t one, go having prepared a letter of introduction which is written with your birthplace or address, your mailing address, and furthermore your alma mater, current school or occupation and so on. That occasion, it would be good to bring something like a box of cakes or a greeting fee instead of a bussiness card.

In the case of it being the first time of having the honor to meet the teacher, for example:
* Greet the teacher: “It is a pleasure to meet you. I am ○○○○. I beg to receive your guidance this occasion. Might I receive your permission for nyumon.”
“Please come in,” she will say. If you receive permission, Raise up the words and bow, “Thank you. I beg for your kindness”
Then, finish with a normal greeting. On the day or time of keiko, receive the teaching of the monthly fee, indispendable items, and
matters to be careful about and so on. However, a place like a culture center does not have this degree.