When Beginning to Practice Tea (Part2)

When someone doesn’t know anything, sometimes they make mistakes, offending the other person, and it is a very troubling thing. That guest, at “Help yourself” took the offered sweets, and drank for her self the made and offered tea, and went and returned. At the gate, I asked, “You watched tea; how was it?”
“How difficult it was. I didn’t understand a thing,” she said and tilting her head she went back home.I returned to the tearoom and my students were offended, “Teacher, that person was completely rude, wasn’t she!”
“She wasn’t being rude, she just didn’t know better.”
“Even saying she doesn’t know, at that age, she should know better about propiety”, they wouldn’t let their offense be abated.
“Teacher, I received my beginner’s license at the Culture Center and I would enter the classroom without any greeting. That person we saw before was very polite, when I reflect on my own things,” it was said.

About two months before, a new person came.
While it was said “It seems this person’s grandmother did tea, and so she probably had her guidance,” and she was about the same age as the guest that came today, I think.
That new person had brought a letter of introduction from a friend of mine and had written down her current occupation, her alma mater, and her birthplace.
Then, “I humbly inquiry about being bestowed guidance from the teacher. Might I probably receive permission to become a beginner?” she greeted. First, entering the tearoom, and being made tea, she exactly bowed and then drank. On the spot, I answered, “If I am alright to you, please you are welcomed.”
Then, that person gave a deep bow with both hands, “Thank you very much. I am very glad.”
I, having seen how the woman moved to partake of the tea felt she had learned tea until now.
“How much have you done tea?” I queried.
She said, “I learned from my grandmother, but I haven’t even received the license for usucha.”
That day, entering among the students to practice usucha hirademae, her temae making tea was solid without fail.
I drank that tea, and she said, “I am happy that teacher has partaken,” with a such a happy face.
I said, “It was very delicious tea. It was made from the heart,” and I was happy too.


と挨拶した。まず、茶室に上っていただいて、お茶をふるまうと、きちっと一礼してから召し上がった。 私も即座に、