The Ghost Story of Adachigahara 26

So while she was going and copying her mother, this time she didn’t see Gozaemon who had stayed.
Matsu, “Everyone, I have a small enquiry.”
Person, “What is it?”
Matsu, “Hasn’t that Gozaemon from Shimousa, the horse owner, come this season?”
Person, “Oh, Gozaemon stopped being a horse owner this season. Now he is living a comfortable retirement. His son has taken over after, dealing only a little with horses. Rather because he has an abundent harvest of rice, he can’t come to the horse market.
Matsu, “Ah, is that so. Do you know what might that village be called?”
Person, “I know it. If you ask and go to the place a little a part from Winbanuma in the Thousand Vallies of Winbanuma, you will know it right away.
Matsu, “I see. Thank you very much. Ah, what might be the name of that son?”
Person, “Mm, what did they say that son’s name was…. Oh, yes, it was Kyuubee or Kyuutarou or something like that.”