The Ghost Story of Adachigahara (p.24)

Well, so it was that Gozaemon greatly devoted himself to Okiyo. He didn’t return to the village when the horse market ended. At any rate like this, because he really looked after her, they lived in a house in a good situation. Here, since Gozaemon had a wife, in this such one house (hitotsuya) they couldn’t forever play together and he returned to his village. Again, every year there was the horse market and he came a stayed with Okiyo. Now, for three or four years it became that she was looked after by Gozaemon. They were peacefully living and there was no barrier to the time. Now, this story must fly ahead 14 or 15 years. At this time, the daughter Omatsu was 13 years old. Okiyo suddenly became sick and returned to her source. She died from sickness. And now it was that Gozaemon didn’t come. Yet gradually becoming a child of 13, and having her mother taken away: but there was nothing to be done. This person called Omatsu, in the way explained before, became the Witch of Hitotsuya, so she was a person pretty certain of her heart, and so one night she was suddenly considering how she was seperated from her old woman and how the man called her father died before she could even recall his face.